LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

liquefied petroleum gasHoneywell HF500 gas alarms. A complete solution you can trust !

The HF500 is hard-wired which ensures that the alarm is always connected to the mains power supply. It also prevents the unit being accidentally unplugged which would stop the alarm from working and could also create a spark that ignites the gas.



Why choose the HF500 LPG Gas Alarm?

  • 5 year product life (guaranteed for 2 years)
  • Approved to EN50194-1:2009 by BSI (Kitemarked KM 590203)
  • Visible status indication LEDs
  • Hard-wired for peace of mind
  • Loud 85dB alarm
  • Optimised for easy wiring
  • Direct connection to a solenoid valve
  • Alarm can be replaced without rewiring
  • Ideal for use in private or social housing and some residential care homes
  • Integrated alarm relay can operate normally open and normally closed solenoid valves for automatic gas shut off.

The HF500LPG can either be used as a stand-alone device or it can be directly wired to a solenoid valve or control panel/alarm system.

Honeywell’s Solenoid Valves

Quality solenoid valves form Honeywell for natural gas and lpg gas shut offThe HF500 can be used with Honeywell’s solenoid valves – VG400SA and VG4000S (normally open) and VG400AA (normally closed) to provide an automatic gas shut-off system.

The valves are constructed in such a way that manual intervention is needed to reopen the valve after the alarm threshold has been exceeded.

Honeywell’s solenoid valves provide a fast closing time of less than one second, official approval to EN161 and an IP54/65 rating preventing an unsafe state resulting from accidental water damage.

Key features of Honeywell’s solenoid valves:

  • Closing time <1 sec
  • Maximum inlet pressure of 500 mbar
  • Rated voltage of 220..240 Vac
  • Electrical connection with standard DIN plug
  • CE approved: EN161; GAD and LVD

The HF500 alarms reduce costs by negating the need for additional equipment when used with a solenoid valve, unlike some comparable solutions. Installation is also simplified through a design that features installer-friendly wiring and cable entries from the back, or via mini trunking from the sides or bottom. There is also no need to rewire the device when replacing the alarm or sensors.

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