Honeywell X-Series Smoke and Heat Alarms

Why do I need to install a fire alarm?

Smoke detectors and fire

It is not just your home that is at risk as it is estimated that on average, more than 23,000 people die from fires across the world each year and 230,000 people are injured.

Since the introduction of smoke and heat alarms in households in the UK in the mid 1990’s deaths from fires have dropped by more than 60%. Moreover, homes with a working smoke or heat alarm have been found to have a death rate that is 50% lower than homes without one.

Everyone is at risk of injury or death

Smoke and heat alarms increase your chances of survival especially at night when our sense of smell does not work as well. Children in particular are vulnerable as they often don’t react quickly enough to the dangers of fire. A burning building not only means that there is the potential of getting trapped but the dangers of smoke inhalation vastly reduce any chances of survival. Smoke and heat alarms can give you that vital extra time before these dangers occur and put simply can save your life.

The Regulations

All homes built after 1992 in England and Wales must have a mains operated smoke or heat alarm on every level of the building. The new safety laws also make it compulsory for all landlords to fit smoke or heat alarms in rented properties (landlords are also required to offer protection against CO poisoning).

In Scotland it is a requirement to install at least one smoke or heat alarm (preferably optical) in the lounge / living room) and hallways and on landings and at least one detector in the kitchen (all must be interconnected). In Northern Ireland, a smoke or heat alarm has to be fitted in the lounge / living room and a heat alarm in the kitchen.

Honeywell’s expertise

Honeywell is one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial fire protection systems with over 20 million commercial fire alarms (mainly for hotels and offices) sold worldwide. This experience has been used to develop Honeywell’s new range of highly reliable smoke and heat alarms for residential use.


Why the choice has to be Honeywell’s X-Series range of smoke and heat detectors



  • Sealed in battery lasts 10 years
  • Self-locking mounting plate. X-Series can only be removed with a tool
  • On/off only by installing/removing from mounting plate

Designed for residential environments

  • Low profile design hides on ceiling
  • Integrates well into residential environment

Low total cost of ownership

  • 10 year warranty
  • Maintenance free – no parts to change

Easy to operate and use by the end-user

  • Clearly visible status indication LEDs: Power, Alarm, Fault
  • Loud 85db audible alarm
  • Large button – can be pressed with a broom stick
  • Alarm hush
  • Fault hush
  • Clean, intuitive user interface

Easy to install

  • One or 2 hole installation/flexible hole positions
  • Switches on when slid onto mounting plate

Dedicated local support

Honeywell provides a UK based Customer Support Centre, which is available Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 17:00 and Friday from 08:30 to 15:30. Our team is happy to answer any queries on our products and can be contacted on (01202) 645 577.

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The XH100 is mainly used in kitchens as it produces fewer false alarms than a smoke alarm.

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The XS100 is used mainly in bedrooms and lounges.

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The XS100T will detect both smoke and heat as an added level of protection and is used mainly in bedrooms, hallways and corridors.

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Need a Wireless Module for the X-Series Alarms?

These wireless modules can be purchased for all of the X-Series Carbon Monoxide, Smoke and Heat detectors so that they can all be interlinked.

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